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This was an experimental website exploring idea that the artistic brain  functions differently than seemingly everyone else; as if to say that being an artist is somewhat of a brain disorder while also being a little bit genius. This idea what essentially derived from my own mundane daily struggles & quirks.
In executing this, I wanted to create something that was a contrast of something serious & logical with something humorus & playful. Visually, I took inspiration in searching medical diagrams & MRI scans when came across one image that had a very futuristic technological style with the medical chart grid with glowing neon blue on black.
In this, little is as it seems. The background is actually fencing, the wheel of my desk chair for the circular object with outward spokes at the center, & a glowing flashlight for the brain spots. The brain was a my own sketch I did by tracing a photo of a brain with a digital pen. I think the idea that the actual objects are not necessarily what they are anticipated or assumed to be speaks to the "artist" concept that this is about.
The playful aspect of this is really found in the technical descriptions. I wanted to use lage technical terms to play to the seriousness of brain anatomy and fuse them with words associate with art & design or allude to a specific challenge of being a creative person.

There's a few little intentional glitches in the writing to illustrate the describe problem. But, as I was writing I could hear those old Goofy "how-to" cartoons I watched as a kid fusing with the narration of more formal documentaries.
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